Signs Your Deck Needs Repairs ASAP

A deck is all about spending time together with guests, having evening dinners under the stars with your spouse, or just enjoying a glass of wine by yourself.

If you think that deck repairs are an unnecessary expense, then you have got another thing coming. The deck can fall apart when least expected! But before it happens, there are plenty of signs that deck repair is needed.

Signs Your Deck Needs Repairs

Loose, uneven boards on your deck’s surface are a sign that your deck needs repairs. They can also indicate the deck itself has shifted or settled away from where it was originally placed. When this happens, you should have a professional come out and inspect things for you.

At this point, deck repair is necessary to ensure that your deck can continue to serve you for another couple of years.

When the wood starts splitting and being discolored on the top of the deck, deck repairs are required for your deck’s longevity. Holes and dents on lumbers also indicate that deck repair is needed.

Wood splitting can be attributed to rain and water damage or too much exposure to the sun over time. The softwood of deck boards quickly absorbs water, which freezes during winter and expands inside the board, causing them to split.

Both deck boards that are split and discolored should be replaced for deck repair to continue. Inspect your deck’s surface at least twice a year to see whether deck repair is needed or not.  

Other Factors That Lead To Deck Repairs

The posts of a deck can quickly rot if exposed to water over a long period. They may also show signs of wearing away due to exposure to harsh weather, which leads to deck repair.

When the wood starts cracking and is covered with black spots, deck repair is needed for your deck to continue being available for use. This style of wood damage can quickly lead to safety issues and further deck problems.

Deck posts that are rotting or are cracked should be replaced. Check for deck repair at least annually to avoid further deck problems.

Leave Your Deck In The Hands Of Experts

If you’ve noticed any damage to your deck, now is the time to act. The last thing you want is a small problem with your deck to turn into an expensive disaster that requires costly repairs or replacement! That’s why it pays off in the long run—and saves stress and headaches down the road—to get regular inspections from Better Built Construction before problems arise. 

We offer free estimates on all of our services, so there are no surprises when we give you an accurate quote upfront. Contact us today to schedule a visit by one of our expert builders who will inspect your property at no cost!



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