4 Creative Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen remodeling is a common goal among homeowners. Not only can kitchen renovations increase home value, but they are also an excellent opportunity to express creativity and incorporate trends into otherwise standard kitchen design. With these four kitchen remodeling ideas for 2022, you’ll be adding a serious wow factor to your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Spice Your House

Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets are a high-end kitchen remodeling trend that can be expensive, but they bring an incredibly rustic feel to the kitchen. This kitchen renovation idea also helps to make much more counter space by including open shelving in the kitchen.

Open Kitchen Shelving

 In addition to adding reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets, another kitchen remodeling idea is to open up the kitchen even further by incorporating open kitchen shelving into your design. This gives a minimalist look that beautifully shows kitchen appliances.

Neutral Kitchen Cabinets And Kitchen Countertops With Pops Of Color

A kitchen remodel that is trending right now is to incorporate neutral kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops with pops of color in the form of handles, lower kitchen cabinets, kitchen backsplashes, and kitchen accessories. You can also include pops of color into kitchen decor by painting walls a fun color!

Retro Kitchen Design

Retro kitchen design is a kitchen remodel that includes elements from the past, such as 50s kitchen wallpaper, kitchen lighting that looks like the past, kitchen decor that feels nostalgic, and art deco kitchen appliances. This kitchen remodeling idea can give your kitchen a vintage feel with accents you won’t find anywhere else!

Hire The Kitchen Remodeling Experts!

Hire Better Built Construction to make your kitchen remodeling ideas come to life! When hiring contractors for your kitchen renovation, be sure you hire a remodeling pro who can handle all aspects of kitchen remodeling from start to finish.

Nowyou know some creative ideas for remodeling your kitchen, its time to get to work. But our team of experts is always there to help you with the big decisions – like choosing a style or figuring out what materials will look best in your space. Get started by getting an estimate from us today!


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