Best Practices To Maintain Your Deck 101

It’s the middle of summer, and your deck looks great; you’ve been using it a lot, and you notice that it’s time to prepare it for cooler weather conditions. Your deck is that part of your home that brings the outdoors in and provides an extra living space for you to enjoy. But like all parts of your home, it needs regular maintenance to stay in top condition and withstand the weather.

For that reason, it’s crucial to inspect it regularly and avoid  any possible damage . But what are the best practices to keep it well-maintained? And why is it so important?

In this blog post, we’ll outline all you need to know to keep your deck looking its best. And why should you hire a deck builder in Medford, OR. Continue reading!

The Importance Of Keeping Your Deck In The Best Conditions

Here are some benefits of giving the proper maintenance to your deck:

  • It’ll withstand hard weather conditions and will last for several years.
  • It will save you time and costly repairs
  • It will increase your home’s curb appeal 

Best Practices To Keep Your Deck In Top Shape

Constantly Inspect Your Deck.

One deck maintenance tip we can’t miss is to look out for rots, mold, or any damage in the wood; make sure the fence railings are tightly connected; look for exposed nails and any signs of moisture. Make sure to clean the deck regularly. This way, any damage will be exposed on time before it becomes more serious.

Replace Any Damaged Boards

Deck boards can break and get damaged occasionally, and it’s crucial to replace them immediately. Select the same wood and coat to match the rest of the deck boards. In case of having multiple boards, consider replacing the whole surface of the deck to get a better appearance. 

Clean And Apply Sealant To The Wood

Try to clean the deck during summer and spring, put away any furniture that can get damaged due to the cleaning materials. Remove any unwished dirt and use biodegradable cleaners to remove mold. Avoid damaging the wood during the process.

Another deck maintenance tip is to make sure to leave the deck dry before applying sealants. Use the appropriate stain brushes to reach the spaces between the deck boards. In the end, remove the excess with rags.

Hire Professional Deck Services Today!

A deck is a significant investment; like all investments, you want to protect it and make it last. At Better Built Construction, we understand that even having the best deck maintenance tips, some deck repairs are best left to the professionals. We specialize in deck repair and construction, so you can rest easy knowing your deck is in good hands.

We’re the best deck builder in Medford, OR. Our specialists are honest and reliable and understand that our customer’s time and money are of the utmost importance. We ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with our results. Contact us today to get exceptional services!



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