Trends in Modern Home Construction and Design This 2024

Planning a new home construction or renovation project is a big endeavor, from creating the initial design to choosing materials and finishes. As with any industry, home construction and design constantly evolve, with new technologies, materials, and styles emerging each year. 

To stay on top of the latest trends in modern home construction and design, it’s important to research and be aware of what’s popular in the market. This blog post aims to do exactly that by highlighting the top trends in modern home construction and design for 2024. Keep reading here to learn some tips before calling home builders in Medford, Oregon!

4 Main Design Trends to Watch Out For

1. Sustainability And Eco-Friendly Practices

One major trend in modern home construction and design is the focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. As awareness of climate change grows, homeowners seek to reduce their carbon footprint and live greener. This is seen in using sustainable materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, and recycled materials in home construction.

2. Integration of Smart Home Technology

The incorporation of Smart Home Technology in your new project goes a long way in enhancing your lifestyle, convenience, and even safety. Smart technology brings several benefits, such as:

1. Automated systems for convenience and energy savings

  1. Enhanced security features
  2. Seamless integration with everyday living
  3. Voice-controlled devices for a hands-free experience
  4. Remote access to home systems through smartphones or computers.

Consider integrating futuristic devices before calling expert home addition contractors.

3. One-Story Home Design

Another trend that’s gaining popularity is the one-story home design. This style offers a more open and spacious floor plan, making it easier to navigate through the house, and also provides easy access for people with mobility issues. Additionally, single-story homes require less maintenance and are friendlier to the environment.

4. Minimalism and Clean Lines

In modern home design, there is a shift towards minimalistic and clean lines. This minimalist approach creates a sense of calm and simplicity in the living space, making it easier to maintain and declutter. Using neutral colors, natural light, and simple furniture adds to this aesthetic.

Enhance Your Property through Strategic Home Additions With Better Built Construction!

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We understand the importance of providing your home with modern design and functionality. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest design trends, ensuring that your project is functional and sustainable. As licensed general contractors in Medford, OR, with years of experience, we are dedicated to help. Whether you need a living room remodel or a full-house makeover, we’re here for you!



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