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Our living rooms are that one space that tells our story to visitors and guests. However, as time passes, you may find that your current living room falls short of your expectations. It lacks the comfort, coziness, and modern look you desire, making you feel dissatisfied.

Don’t settle for a lackluster living room. Let Better Built Construction be your trusted partner in creating a living space that reflects your aspirations. We’re a living room remodeling company with years of experience in the industry, so there’s no design we can not handle. Say goodbye to dissatisfaction, and turn your vision into reality with reliable living room remodeling contractors in Medford, OR!

Explore Our Complete Living Room Remodeling Solutions

Here are some of the things our living room remodeling contractors in Medford, OR, usually work on:

  1. Painting the walls and ceiling: We can help you choose the perfect colors to create the desired ambiance in your living room.
  2. Install windows to take advantage of natural light: We can install windows strategically to maximize the amount of light entering the space.
  3. Work with your existing floor plan or add to your home: Whether you want to optimize your floor plan or expand your living room, we can help create the perfect layout.
  4. Install new lighting solutions: We can recommend and install various fixtures to enhance the ambiance and functionality of the space.
  5. Add any additional features you desire: From built-in bookshelves to a cozy fireplace, we can incorporate any additional features to make your living room truly unique and personalized.

Beyond just living room makeovers, our services cover kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, garages, and refinishing work, including cabinets, front doors, and general woodwork.

Why Choose Us for Unmatched Excellence?

1. Astonishing Transformations

Our attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship will make you wonder if it’s the same room you saw before.

2. Flexible Budget Options

Our living room remodeling company offers flexible options for all budgets. Whether you have limited funds or want to go all out, we’ll find the best solution.

3. Personalized Approach

Regarding living room makeovers, our team listens to your ideas and understands your vision, so we can create a personalized space you can call your own.

Transform Your Space With Our Ultimate Remodeling Solutions!

Transforming your space can be an exciting journey. Even a few changes can completely transform the space, giving it a new look and feel. Don’t stress; by choosing Better Built Construction, you’ll get exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, high-quality materials, customized solutions, and peace of mind knowing that your project is in capable hands.

You can trust we’re the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Medford, OR. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life and create a bathroom that meets your functional needs and reflects your style.

Work with our bathroom remodeling company in Medford, OR, in 3 simple steps:


  1. Contact us: Reach out to our remodeling company via phone or email, sharing the specifics of your property.
  2. Schedule an appointment: We’ll coordinate estimates and inspections to understand your project needs better.
  3. Enjoy your new bathroom: Let’s transform your bathroom into the space you’ve always envisioned!

Our Services

New Construction

Our new construction services provide the perfect foundation for any business, whether you have a small store or a large office building …


Our remodeling services are ideal for those looking to make significant changes to existing structures.


We offer comprehensive services that include designing and constructing multi-story apartment complexes or condominiums.
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