Field Fence Contractors In Medford, OR

Field fencing is a great option for fence projects of any size, particularly for large areas. Not only is it more durable than other fencing materials due to its strong steel constructions, but the fence also offers attractive designs that can improve the aesthetics of your property.

You can find the best materials for all your field fencing needs at Better Built Construction. Our team is more than qualified to design and install whatever idea you have for your fencing project. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get an estimate.

Our Field Services In Medford, OR

With Better Built Construction‘s field fencing, you know that your property in Medford, OR, is secure and protected against threats or intruders. Field fencing provides both safety and style, with its unique locked bits and customized height that can do an extra job in increasing the security of your land or farmhouse.

Fence Posts: How Far Apart Should They Be?

Installing fence posts is no easy task, and getting the spacing between the posts just right is essential. Generally, fence posts should be placed an average of six feet apart, with special attention paid to where fence gates will be added. This is where the fence typically requires more support.

Fence height also plays an important role; taller fences require closer-set fence posts to provide adequate stability. Ensuring that your fence posts are set at consistent intervals and properly stabilized during installation is incredibly important for ensuring that your fence remains standing season after season, allowing you to enjoy a barrier of privacy around your yard for years to come.

Better Built Construction: The Fence Contractors You Can Count On

At Better Built Construction, we pride ourselves in being the field fence contractors in Medford, OR, that everyone is searching for. With years of experience installing field fences and countless happy customers behind us, we guarantee our customers the best results in the industry.

Our mission is to provide you with premium field fences that bring breathtaking beauty to your outdoor space and lasting durability and protection. Trust our professionals at Better Built Construction and hire us for the ultimate field fence experience – you won’t be disappointed!

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